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Do you rent bikes and other equipment?

Yes, we do have bikes available to rent, as well as some accessories. Check our website for more information or send us an email.


We ride e-bikes. Is it possible to do all your tours on e-bike?

Most of our tours are suitable for e-bikes as well. However, please be flexible if planning to book a pre-scheduled guided tour. Most of our clients decide to ride on normal bikes and you might need to wait for the group at certain points. It’s also possible to ride at your own speed and meet the rest of the group at lunch, for sights, etc.


Can I bring my own bike on the tour?

Yes. Most of our clients decide to ride on their own bikes, so that’s why the bike is not included in the regular tour price. So yes, you can bring your own bike.


The guided tour dates don’t suit me. Is it possible to go on another date?

Don’t worry, we can organize the guided or self-guided tours anytime during the season, so please contact us for an individual offer.


In what languages are the guided tours?

We provide all tour materials, briefing and tour guiding in English. The use of other languages is not guaranteed.


How big are the groups for the guided tours?

Although we can (and did) organize tours with even more than 20 people, for most guided tours that number is limited to 8 people. Why? Our accommodation choices are usually small, family-owned hotels and guesthouses. They can’t host large groups – and the closest available hotel might be too far away to split the group. The minimum number of people to guarantee the departure for a pre-scheduled tour date is 4.


Can I go on a self-guided tour — so without a group or a guide?

Many of our guests decide for a self-guided tour and they either go alone or with their friends and family. If you prefer this option, we will provide you with a complete navigation pack and arrange a completely carefree self-guided trip for you.


Is it difficult to navigate the self-guided tour? What does it look like?

If you decide for a self-guided tour, we provide you with a complete navigation pack and a 24/7 hotline number in case you need any help during the tour. You get a GPS track, maps, tour booklet and we arrange a Skype call prior to the tour so we go through the route plan together and discuss the details.


Can we buy only the GPX tracks for the bike tour and what is the price for this?

We don’t sell GPX tracks only. The minimum tour package includes accommodations and the navigation pack.


Can you arrange transport from and to the airport for us?

Airport or other transfers can be organized upon request. Let us know your wishes and we’ll send you options.


Can you arrange daily meals to be vegetarian and/or to meet other dietary needs?

Yes, this is all part of our agreement, so please just notify us about your dietary needs and wishes.


Can I extend or shorten my trip, or customize the tour otherwise?

You can do a classic itinerary or we can customize your itinerary as you wish and add extra nights at the beginning, middle, or end of the tour — to do some extra sightseeing or to have some rest days in between. Additional services can also be added or excluded, such as transfers, bike rentals, luggage transfers, etc.


What kind of accommodation is included in the tour?

We normally use small, comfortable 3- or 4-star quality accommodations (hotels or guesthouses). Most guests say the accommodation choices were excellent.


I don’t need the baggage transfer between tour stages. Is it possible to exclude it?

Yes, it is possible. Please just notify us about this, so we can adjust the pricing for your tour plan.


The tours are a bit expensive for my budget. Is it possible to make them cheaper?

Although we understand such situations, our tours are designed in a way that they provide high quality and care-free service to our customers. This means that all accommodation, baggage transfers, start and end transfers, some meals, all organization, navigation and more are included in the price. Also, we choose boutique local providers for accommodation and meals and offer them fair payment for their quality services. But in such a case, we can recommend you to opt in for a self-guided tour which is more affordable.


The daily cycling distance for this tour is too short or too long for me. Can we adjust it?

Our tours are fully customizable and we often have different route variants prepared for different fitness levels. If you’d like to make some adjustments to the tour, please let us know and we’ll arrange it to best meet your wishes.


When is the best time to do the tour?

The tour season is normally from May to October, but the best time depends on the tour selection. The tours run through different destinations (from Alpine to Mediterranean regions) and because of that, some tours take place in summer, while others are best in spring or autumn.


When is the best time to book a tour?

The sooner, the better. Most of the tours run through popular outdoor destinations and some of them are really small villages with limited accommodations. Because of that, it’s good to book the tour as soon as possible to be able to secure our preferred accommodations, but also to secure the bikes and the price. Last-minute bookings might not be confirmed because of high occupancy, but if confirmed, the last-minute price is higher since it depends on the accommodations left.


What are the payment options? Is there any deposit?

A 25% deposit is required to confirm the tour. The balance is due 30 days before departure. You can make the payment via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Please note that there’s a 3% surcharge if paying with credit card or PayPal.


What’s the booking process?

If we’re talking about a private tour, we first need to set the itinerary and the dates. If you go on a guided tour with pre-scheduled dates, the date and the program is already set. Then a 25% deposit is required to confirm the booking and it’s due 30 days before the tour starts. After receiving the deposit, our clients receive the confirmation letter. Tour materials are sent to the client about 3 weeks before departure after the balance is paid.


What are the cancelation and refund policies?

Any cancellation or amendment request must be sent to us in writing, by email, and will take effect on the day we receive it. Please, check the Cancellation and Refund policy here.


When do I receive tour materials?

Clients receive the tour materials after the balance is paid, which is about 3 weeks before departure. All the materials are set online, so no worries, you will get them in time.


What happens if we need to cancel the tour because of Covid related travel restrictions?

We offer free cancellations up to 30 days before departure in case of Covid-19 related travel restrictions. In that case, you can either get a full refund right away or move your paid deposit and your trip to a later date.


We didn’t answer your question? Write us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.