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MTB in Croatia

Croatia boasts well-maintained bike trails, gorgeous vistas, rich history and heavily-scented mountain pine forests. Adding sunny weather and pleasant sea breeze to the mix, it is clear that MTB Croatia is something special. On our mountain biking Croatia tours, the wild and rarely visited mountains and the popular seaside destinations resonate in a wonderful symphony.

We have put together a list of top reasons why mountain biking in Croatia is so attractive and why you should definitely put the Adriatic coast on your MTB bucket list!



During the high summer season, Croatian islands can be packed with tourists. This is why our MTB Croatia tours are organized during spring and autumn, when bikers can explore the uncrowded coast in pleasant temperatures. Outside the peak season, the sunny Adriatic coast becomes a real mountain biking paradise. Moreover, we always search for hidden trails and lesser-known places, so you can be sure to pedal away from the crowds when biking in Croatia with us. 



Imagine mountain biking on a dynamic trail running above the Adriatic coast just before the sun sets behind the horizon. On our mountain biking Croatia tours, such breath-taking views of the surroundings are plentiful. In case your legs become sore, the beautiful vistas will give you the energy to push forward and discover more magic of MTB Croatia. When biking in Croatia you will pass some incredibly scenic points, where you can stop and enjoy a panoramic picnic. You will get the best photos and even better memories. 



If you like fun, not too technical single tracks, then Croatia might be your new favourite MTB destination. Biking in Croatia offers an exceptional mix of single trails for all levels and tastes, while also providing hundreds of kilometres of picturesque gravel paths that are perfect for biking. Many single trails run right along the coast, giving you the opportunity to refresh yourself by jumping into the Adriatic Sea or simply admire the panorama. When it comes to Mountain biking Croatia, fun is guaranteed.  



We love to escape the grey autumn months or chilly spring days and head to the coast. Warm sun rays and the soft sea breeze always make us feel more alive. Combining this with some supreme mountain biking Croatia, our happiness hormone levels increase significantly. 

MTB Croatia is inviting throughout the entire year, while the weather is most ideal for biking during spring and autumn. The sun is gentle and the chances of getting sunburnt are very low. Mild weather enables you to bike all day long, without desperately searching for shade. In autumn months, you can also combine biking in Croatia with swimming in the Adriatic Sea, since the water is still warm.



Traditional Croatian cuisine is wide and varied. It has some similarities with Slovenian, as well as Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish food. While typical dishes vary from one region to another, fresh seafood is at the forefront all along the country’s coast. Being huge fans of seafood, this is another reason we love mountain biking Croatia so much. Black squid risotto, shrimps “Na buzaru” and octopus “Izpod peke” are just some of the Croatian all-stars we strongly recommend.

However, MTB Croatia is not only about seafood. If meat or vegetarian food is more to your liking, you will find plenty of other yummy seasonal options. 

Trans Croatia

Mountains to Islands

7 days of biking


Trans Croatia

Krk to Vis

8 days of island hopping.