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Which tour type is best for you?


We recommend guided cycling tours to everybody who seeks complete relaxation and wants to have only one thing on their mind – great cycling. Our guides will take care of everything else – navigation, interesting local insights and technical support. Guided tours are also perfect for meeting other enthusiastic cyclers from around the globe and creating life-long friendships.

  • Pre-scheduled date
  • Perfect for making friends
  • Authentic experience with local guide


We recommend self-guided cycling tours to everybody who knows how to navigate a map or a GPS device and has previous experience in self-guided cycling. If you think you don’t fit this description, maybe a guided cycling tour would be a more enjoyable option for you.

  • Pre-scheduled date
  • Travel at your own pace
  • For more experienced bikers and hikers

Tailor made

Would you like to customize this tour? With tailor-made tour you can select a different starting or ending
point, or perhaps have a day off before, after or during the tour. You can choose to do it as a guided or
self-guided tour and travel on any date!

  • Any date
  • Customized to your needs
  • Guided or self-guided

Do you need our help with choosing the right tour for you?

Drop us a message and we will find or make a tour suitable for you!

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