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When it comes to mountain biking, Slovenia is often referred to as Europe’s best kept secret. Remarkably, it’s the only country in Europe that manages to combine the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst into an unprecedented natural biking playground. As you navigate through the changing landscape you’re constantly left surprised – every time.

You can have one eye on the sea, then glance in the other direction and feel immersed by the high mountains. Heading up, rising into the forests, you’re struck by the impressive green plains below. From upland meadows the view stretches across into the river gorges. It’s these intriguing opposites and contrasts that have truly become a hallmark of the country.

When it’s time to put on the brakes and get off the saddle, you can take walks through virgin forests, watch grapes ripen upon the oldest vine in the world, and better still – taste the best food and wine from both worlds, the Mediterranean and the Alps. A charming and popular add-on to the daily biking tour.

Slovenia’s diversity and richness is constantly being revealed the world of biking.  Especially by those who have turned mountain biking as a pleasant hobby into a daily profession, constantly working on one main objective – to find and document the best biking spots. Uli Stanciu is an influential example – Pioneering TransAlp MTB tourism, founded two major European MTB festivals (Riva del Garda and Willingen).

This is what he discovered and said about Slovenia:

Slovenia is for most bikers still an unknown land, with stunning and varied landscapes between the striking Julian Alps, the romantic Soca Valley, the lovely Brda wine region, the unique karst area and the sunny Adriatic coast – all connected with many old Military streets from the first world war and magical, completely unknown trails. Trans-Slovenia is a new, not too heavy, exclusive TransAlp Tour for mountain bikers in five to seven stages, with many variations to suit all tastes – on gravel or trail, from easy to difficult, an orientation tour with a high enjoyment factor, a perfect combination of adventure, hospitality and fun.

TransSlovenia is a proud member of the European TransAlp mountain biking network.

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