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Trans Slovenia TRANS SLOVENIA 04


7 days



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359,5 km, 8859,5 m

This amazing tour connects the steep hills of Koroška on the border with Austria, with the central part of Slovenia, through its charming capital, Ljubljana and with the Mediterranean spirit of the coastal town Piran. A wide variety of trails ensures unforgettable experiences, beginning with forest single trails, riding through abandoned mines and high above beautiful Logarska Valley, with breathtaking views of the Kamnik Savinja Alps.

Trails leads directly into the capital and then through flat terrain of Ljubljana Marshes back into the hills of a different type to reach a scenic ride along the intermittent Cerknica Lake.

Riding among many karst phenomenon including world famous Postojna Cave and UNESCO site of Škocjan Caves. Descent from Karst to the coast includes two optional trails, which both of course finish in the most picturesque city of the Adriatic coast, Piran. Accommodations with food are carefully selected to combine local hospitality and tastes with certified sustainability wherever possible, minimum standard being bikers friendly.



DAY 01

Single Trail Park Jamnica and Flow Trail Petzen

DistanceDistance: 26 km
DistanceElevation: 630 m

Today is entirely dedicated to the single trail ride. The Single Trail Park Jamnica is the first on our list, with trails running through forests and fields with beautiful vistas. After some sufficient warm-up we will get ready to move to Flow Trail Petzen in Southern Carinthia, experiencing 10 km of pure fun flow trail or high intense Enduro trail with ramps, tables, steep and S bends. The choice is up to you!
In 2018, the Petzen Ski Resort and Single Trail Park Jamnica will be the hosts of the Enduro World Series event. Riders will experience some of the longest stages in EWS history – and even some underground liaisons – in what surely will be one of the most diverse races to date.

Gravel: 4 km (15%)
Asphalt: 22 km (85%)
Extra: Flow Trail Petzen and Single Trail Park Jamnica

DAY 02

From Petzen to Logarska Valley (Jamnica – Sv. Duh/Podolševa)

DistanceDistance: 50 km
DistanceElevation: 1670 m

Today we are going to take advantage of some more single trail paths in the park, before descending to the valley. Heading west, we can spice up the day by taking the alternative 5 km long route, following the underground trail along the abandoned tunnels of Mežica mine. In the company of the guide and properly equipped with lamps, the transition from one valley into another is a unique experience. The second half of the day is equally interesting, as the asphalt and macadam roads leading from Črna na Koroškem climbs up to Raduha, eventually transforms into a beautiful panoramic road, located high above the Logarska Dolina. You will be rewarded with impressive views over the mighty peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Gravel: 25 km (44%)
Asphalt: 22 km (50%)
Single trail: 3 km (6%)
Extra: Single Trail Park Jamnica

DAY 03

To the other side of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps (Podolševa – Kamnik)

DistanceDistance: 54 km
DistanceElevation: 1300 m

Heading south, we leave this high and panoramic road above the picturesque Logarska Valley, taking a steep descent to the Savinja Valley. To admire the Kamnik Alps from the other side, we climb to the top of the Big Pasture Plateau (Velika Planina), enjoying beautiful nature, intertwined with picturesque Alpine tradition and sprawling with a truly gorgeous mountain atmosphere. But the best is yet to come, as a great downhill ride is ahead of us, leading directly into Krivčevo. From there we continue a staggered ride all the way to the charming old town of Kamnik.

Gravel: 17 km (28%)
Asphalt: 32 km (59%)
Single trail: 7 km (13%)

DAY 04

Endless Trails (Kamnik - Ljubljana)

DistanceDistance: 46,5 km
DistanceElevation: 1000 m

This day might be one of the best riding days on the entire tour. One might think that by leaving the mountains and approaching Ljubljana, the MTB character of the tour would be lost. Well, you will be surprised! Because right here in the outskirts of the capital city, the endless interweaving paths lead us through the hills directly into the city center. Ljubljana is actually the only European capital that has direct access to the best bike trails. The combination of different environments is definitely a refreshment for the day. Make sure, to enjoy Ljubljana in the evening. It’s beautiful when illuminated!

Gravel: 15 km (32%)
Asphalt: 19 km (41%)
Single trail: 12,5 km (27%)

DAY 05

Ljubljana to Postojna (Ljubljana – Postojna)

DistanceDistance: 72 km
DistanceElevation: 1550 m

We start the morning ride at Ljubljansko Barje, exploring the flat terrain, most of it is rolling in nature, continuing with long climb to the one of the most recognizable mountains in the vicinity of Ljubljana basin, the Krim Mountain. From there we descend to the enchanting village of Rakitna, quietly resting in the embrace of the spruce forest. The terrain changes to an asphalt road for a while, until we reach the striking peak of Velika Špička on the northern slopes of the mysterious Cerknica field. The descend continues with a scenic ride along the intermittent Cerknica Lake, passing many karst attractions in the Rakov Škocjan Valley all the way to our final stop in Postojna, parking the bikes practically just above the entrance to the world famous underground Postojna Cave.

Gravel: 22 km (30%)
Asphalt: 43 km (60%)
Single trail: 7 km (10%)

DAY 06

Vremščica (Postojna - Divača)

DistanceDistance: 45 km
DistanceElevation: 890 m

We are turning our compass to the seaside today. Vremščica is one of the last thousand meter mountains on our way to the sunny Adriatic. The picturesque ride on the slopes of the Postojna basin leads us to the foot of this mountain, while a moderate climb along its ridge reveals more beautiful and ample views over the amazing surroundings. You can admire the Julian Alps, Dolomites, Nanos Mountain all the way to the Kamnik –Savinja Alps and furthermore to Slavnik and Snežnik to the Adriatic Sea. The thrilling downhill ride will be refreshing, leading us across the southern slopes of Vremščica right into the heart of the Karst world, home to the unique underground world of Škocjan Caves. We will end the day in Divača, taking rest and gathering our strength for tomorrow’s final ride.

Gravel: 20 km (44%)
Asphalt: 15 km (34%)
Single trail: 10 km (22%)
Extra: Extentition to Trans Slovenia 01: distance 20 km, elevation 300 m

DAY 07

Adriatic Sea (Divača – Piran)

DistanceDistance: 66 km
DistanceElevation: 1460 m

On our last riding day, we will say farewell to the dry lands of magical Karst to pedal toward the Slovenian coast. You will have two options to make your last day on the bike exciting, choosing either the technical route or the easy one. The technical trail follows the Italian border, while the easier trail connects Mount Slavnik to Dragonja Valley. We will explore the Istrian climbs with a very clear goal to reach the picturesque coastal town of Piran. It is a perfect place to end our journey, concluding the day with a delicious seafood dinner and some sweet house wine.

Gravel: 26 km (40%)
Asphalt: 33 km (50%)
Single trail: 7 km (10%)


Our adventure starts in Bleiburg (Pliberg) and ends in Piran which is located on the Slovenian coast close to Trieste port.

Bleiburg is surrounded with 6 international airports in maximum 3 hour distance (Ljubljana, Venice, Trieste, Klagenfurt, Graz, Vienna). We can arrange airport shuttles from all 6 airports.

From Italy you cross the border at Tarvisio and from there you have to pass Villach, Klagenfurt and leave the highwas in Griffen. From Griffen you have 15 min drive towards Blieburg.
From Ljubljana you take the highway towards Kranj where you turn towards Jezersko, cross the Austrian border and face towards Sitterrsdorf and from there you follow the signs for Bleiburg.

• In a single group there’ll be a maximum of 8 people. But there can be more than 1 group.
• We will form groups according to individuals desires, fitness and also bikes
• Every evening there will be briefing session organized where guide(s) will present next day tour profile (altitude profile, length, difficulty…). There’s is always an option to avoid difficult route sections or change group if there will be more than one. There are many variations of each day tour.
• Meeting instructions and final trip arrangements will be sent to you two weeks prior to your tour start date.


  • 9 - 16 June, 2018 Experience level: GUIDED, SELF-GUIDED
  • 15 - 22 September, 2018 Experience level: GUIDED, SELF-GUIDED

Price for guided TRANS SLOVENIA 04 tour includes:

7 nights accommodations in 3-4 star hotels/pensions
7 breakfasts and 7 dinners, all meals with local/ typical touch
Fully qualified and experienced mountain bike guide for the duration of your trip
Baggage transfer between stages
All group safety equipment
Transfer from route ending point to route starting point
24/7 hotline number (support)

Rates are valid per person, based on double occupancy.

Price for self-guided TRANS SLOVENIA 04 tour includes:

7 nights accommodations in 3-4 star hotels/pensions
7 breakfasts and 7 dinners, all meals with local/ typical touch
Baggage transfer between stages
Navigation pack: GPS track
Transfer from route ending point to route starting point
24/7 hotline number (support)

Rates are valid per person, based on double occupancy.

Would you like to customize this tour? Aren’t you trained enough? Would you like a different starting or arriving point, or a break day before, after or during the tour? Send us an e-mail: info@visit-goodplace.com


Supplement for single room 189 €
GPS device rental 10€/day
e-bike rental 39€/day
bike-rental 29€/day



Price for TRANS SLOVENIA 04 excludes

Travel and activity insurance, personal safety & cycling equipment, lunches, all beverages with included meals, any other items not mentioned as included.


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